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Photo Essay: Saving a Puppy Slated for Euthanasia

Written by: Chelsea Whitney

Here is my chocolate shake and chocolate lab puppy, right after I agreed to foster him.
Photos by Chelsea Whitney

On my 30th birthday, a chocolate lab had a c-section at my veterinary clinic and had nine puppies. One had a cleft palate, and the owners opted to euthanize the puppy. Knowing what a sucker. . .


Classic Video: How to Take Better Dog Photos, for Adoption or Otherwise, with Seth Casteel

Written by: Phil Monahan

Photographer Seth Casteel offers up some of his tricks. . .and the results are impressive.

Photographer Seth Casteel burst onto the scene back in 2012 when his series of “Underwater Dogs” photos went viral. Casteel has used his newfound fame to promote dog rescue and . . .